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Review for Dallas Wedding DJ Discovery DJs

Thank you so much to Sara & Austin for the great review you left for me on Wedding Wire. I enjoyed working with both of you and had a great time being your DJ!
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Oh my… I wish I could think of something to add that has not already been said as I couldn’t agree more with all that has been said about Jim. My husband and I met Jim several months our and knew right away he was “good people.” He is professional, talented, friendly, and leaves you with the feeling of true contentment as well as excitement for the big day. If you want to remove music from your list of things to worry or even think about, then hire Discovery DJs. Jim’s website makes it fun and super convenient to customize your music to whatever extent you’d like. But, know, that if you leave any of it up to Jim’s excpertise then you’re completely covered as well.

Jim provided music for both my outdoor ceremony and my reception (same venue). Both areas were set up ahead of time and ready to go. Although most blogs I read said dancing was not usually in the cards for a brunch reception, our fabulous music selection (rat pack like oldies) had everyone dancing at a consistant rate. And, as another reviewer stated, there was never a song played that raised eyebrows or decreased participation on the dance floor! We had a blast!

Honestly, with so much to plan for, knowing that I did not have to worry about anything regarding our DJ selection and music was the biggest gift a girl could ask for during such a busy time!

Sara Frith

Dinner music for your Dallas wedding reception

I’m someone who when I say I like all types of music, I really do like all types of music…ok, almost all types–I can think of a few I don’t like. However, one of my favorite genres of music is the type of music I often play for cocktail hour and dinner at my wedding receptions. It consists of soft/light rock, singer-songwriter, and jazzy/lounge type music. Basically, easy to listen to, but not boring, music.>There are some DJs who are content to just pop in a CD of Jazz and hit play, or shuffle between some Sinatra and other adult standards. But I think the cocktail & dinner music can set the mood for the night, so I spend a lot of time planning the music for those times.

As with all aspects of the music that is played, I allow my clients to choose as much or as little of the music. Some of my clients just give me some artists & song titles to play. Others choose a whole list of music. Then I also have couples who give me total freedom and complete control over the cocktail & dinner music. Whatever each couple decides, I spend just as much time programming and planning the cocktail and dinner music as I do the dancing music.

Will the dinner music make or break your wedding? Probably not. But if I can get your guest’s toes tapping even before we’ve started dancing, it starts the process of getting them in the mood to dance. And that will help encourage a packed dance floor later in the evening.