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Dallas Wireless Uplighting from Discovery DJ & Lighting

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new, completely wireless, LED uplights. We are among the first DJ companies in Dallas to offer this cutting edge technology! What does this mean for our clients? First & foremost–no cords! While we’ve always done a great job at concealing the cords for our traditional LED uplights, it’s just no comparison to not having any cords!

In addition to the appearance being neater & cleaner looking than corded lights, we also have the power to control all the lights wirelessly too. So, we can start the evening with one color, then transition into another color for dinner or dancing. We can even make the lights do some pretty cool things once the dancing starts too (if you want, of course).

As if all that isn’t enough, these LED uplights are totally innovative, made with the latest technology available. They include batteries that last over 12 hours, so they can easily make it through any Dallas wedding. They also offer a level of lighting unmatched by any other lights on the market. One great feature is the inclusion of white & amber LED diodes. That means we can create soft pastels as well as tons of shades of amber, yellow, orange–the list goes on & on!

While we’re excited to add these new lights, we won’t be ditching our corded lights just yet. Our corded lights are still among the best in the industry, and will give us the ability to continue to offer lighting for multiple events in one night. However, if you want to be sure we’ll be using these new wireless LED uplights at your wedding, you’ll want to book them early!

We’re excited to debut these lights at our upcoming wedding receptions in September & October of 2012. Some venues we’ll be using them at is the Sheraton located in downtown Dallas, Old Red in Dallas, Arlington Hall in Dallas, and tons of other venues in the DFW area!

Contact us today about our innovative wireless LED uplights for your Dallas wedding reception!

Here’s a sneak peak of our new lights in action: